Needless to say, I had to keep my cynicism in check this year, but in the spirit of gratitude, here are two things that went well this year:

  • I am still employed and enjoying the work that I do each day. This is a privilege most people cannot afford.
  • We’ve remained happy, peaceful and healthy, and the kids continue to grow well in that direction.

But in retrospect I have personal goals that I half-a**ed; or, because of reasons I could not even recall, personal goals I abandoned all together.

Since it is the season to take on personal challenges, I have started building this space this afternoon as a portal to contain my goals, learnings and sometimes distractions.

  • Code more socially and help others to code better.
  • Write more and achieve a sustainable rhythm where I am capable of publishing what I learned even when it’s short and nothing new.
  • Eat and sleep better, or just commit to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Be more financially conscious and responsible.

… I’m sure there’s more I’m missing and I’d post them as I see fit.

For now, toast to the coming (prime numbered) year - Happy 2017!